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Congratulations on your decision to invest in a timeshare vacation for you and your family! A timeshare is a luxury asset.

Timeshare Closings is what we specialize in, and we're good at it!
You have our promise on that!

United Closing Services (UCS) is a leader among Title and Closing agencies worldwide, specializing in timeshare closings.

Our elite team of professionals focuses on providing exceptional customer service and securing your closings promptly and efficiently. There's no doubt that we have the experience and expertise to handle your timeshare closing.

  Exceptional customer service 

  Close transactios in a more efficient manner  

  Free of liens and encumbrances  

Our primary focus lies in our developed system, enabling us to close transactions more efficiently. This allows the timeshare buyer to enjoy vacation ownership almost immediately and with the peace of mind that their timeshare is free of liens and encumbrances. This allows the timeshare seller to close the sale and receive proceeds promptly.

Customer Satisfaction is our Priority!


Just a few customer testimonials we’ve received from our many satisfied customers…

Hi Gabriel,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your professionalism in handling the purchase of my timeshare. You gave me time to consider the purchase without any pressure and you did not mind answering several questions regarding the unit and the Starwood Program. I thank you for your honesty and for taking the time to listen to me. Without any doubt, I would recommend you and your company to any of my friends who might interested in purchasing a timeshare. 

Josie B.  August 15, 2020

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